Creating Unique Real Estate Postcards


In an industry where your paycheck is only as big as your sales, creative marketing is integral to success. Mailers are a great tool to draw attention to your brand and spread the word about your services. Glossy, easy-to-read, custom real estate postcards from Sendsations offer all of your info at a client’s fingertips. With a few key tweaks, you can make your marketing assets work in your favor.

Include a Photo

You’ve undoubtedly thought a great deal about the headshot that will serve as the face of your brand. You want to look friendly, capable and approachable while also creating the feeling of familiarity with potential clients. While this photo belongs on your website and online listings, it should also be featured heavily in any marketing pushes you create. A Sendsations postcard will feature your face on both sides so that you can speak for your brand from every angle.

Add Your Tagline

A call to action is a great tool to encourage homeowners and home seekers to secure your services. Traditionally, this would be a sentence long and is often relatively generic, shooting for content rather than language. The addition of a tagline to this section of your custom real estate postcards helps to sell the concept of your brand further. The best part is that once you come up with this text, you can use it time and time again on all of your materials.

Add the Right Promotional Content

A postcard is relatively small, and it’s important to take advantage by promoting social media channels, your website, unique listings and upcoming events. Consider which of these facets are the most successful and be sure to promote items that make sense. It’s a good idea to re-evaluate this list every time you create a new postcard to ensure you’re using your tools to your advantage.

The purpose of your custom real estate postcards is brand recognition. By creating a product that uniquely touts your name and face, you’re telling customers who you are and inviting them to give you a call.



Goals of Postcard Marketing


Are you thinking about postcard campaigns for realtors? As a real estate agent, you probably already know that good marketing practices can help grow your business. Postcards from Sendsations could be among your most powerful tools for finding new clients, making sure that prospective customers keep your services in mind, and much more.

Building Your Client Base

If you want your real estate business to grow and thrive, you will need to continue adding loyal customers and clients. Postcard marketing may be one excellent strategy that can help you achieve this goal. Whether or not you live within your customer farming area, good postcards should be able to draw interest while also helping residents understand what services you can provide.

Achieving Better Recognition

As a real estate agent, what do you have to offer? What are the specific skills and strengths that help you serve your community well? You will want prospective customers and clients to understand who you are and how you can assist them. By sending out mailers such as postcard campaigns for realtors, you should be able to quickly, efficiently express your personality and mission, affirm your dedication to performing excellent work, and much more.

Getting Remembered

When it comes to real estate, your prospective clients and customers probably have multiple options. You should try to do everything you can to make sure that you are always foremost in the minds of those who could benefit from your services. Sending out high-quality, compelling real estate mailers may help ensure that you make a good first impression that will get remembered. Whenever someone in your area of influence needs to buy, sell, list or refinance a home, you want to feel confident that your name will be the first that comes to mind.

Investing in postcard campaigns for realtors may benefit your business in multiple ways. Use real estate mailers to help build your client base, achieve recognition in your community and help make sure that you get remembered.

How Real Estate Postcards Can Improve Direct Mailing Strategy


In order to enhance your real estate marketing strategy, you should really consider a direct mailing option. This is when you work with the United States Postal Service in order to send postcards to a specific area. Your postcards end up in the mailboxes of potential clients, and you may end up reaching people who would not have heard of you otherwise. With the assistance of Sendsations postcard campaigns, you can grow your business and make a name for yourself within the community.

There are a few things to take care of before implementing this marketing strategy. First, you want to design your postcard. You need something that is going to catch people’s attention so that they actually read it instead of tossing it in the junk mail pile. It is a good idea to include a picture of yourself, and it can even be advantageous to include pictures of a couple houses you have sold in the past. Showing your past work is essential for effective real estate marketing. Finally, you want to ensure a good amount of information is presented. Make sure to include a way to get in touch with you and anything else that would be pertinent.

After your postcards are designed, you need to select a route. You do not want to indiscriminately select neighborhoods because you could waste money targeting areas that clearly have no interest in your services. You can collect information about certain neighborhoods such as average income level and average age. This is beneficial if you only sell houses within a certain price range. You can select the ideal route so that your money is being spent wisely.

Good real estate marketing can take a little time to figure out, but once you nail it down, your business can start growing steadily. Beautiful, well-designed postcards will assist you greatly in that endeavor.

How to Create Standout Real Estate Business Cards



In business, you’ll see a lot of business cards getting passed around. You might even have a pile that you never look at simply because they are the humdrum standard cards you receive every day. How can you make your real estate business cards stand out? The following are a few ideas that might make yours the talk of the office.

One of the first things you can do is realize that less is more in the case of business cards. If your card is bogged down with too much information, it becomes cluttered and your current and potential business associates could be less likely to seek out the important information hidden within the clutter. Of course you’ll need the essential information such as your business name, personal name and contact information, but anything more than that should be extremely pertinent so it doesn’t feel messy.

Another thing to do is get creative with your picture. You can probably imagine right now what most realtor’s pictures look like on their real estate business cards. Make yours more unique. Have your picture taken with something related to your niche in the background. Have someone draw a caricature of you. Sendsations offers a variety of layout options so you can showcase your creative photo.

Finally, make your cards easy to find in a pile. You can do this by making them shaped differently or by having them printed on a different type of paper. With an interesting texture or color, they’ll be a lot easier to pull from a pile of generic cards.

As you can see, there are some things you can do to make your real estate business cards stand out. You don’t have to print the same type of cards your business associates have. Instead, only include the essential information, get creative with your photo and have the cards printed on an interesting type of paper.  One company that provides Real estate business cards is Sendsations.

Appeal to Your Clients With Recipe Postcards for Realtors

recipe postcards 3
Everyone loves a good recipe, and when it comes in the mail, it can be quite the convenience. As a realtor, you are probably looking for new ways to appeal to your current clients and reach out to new clients. Recipe postcards for realtors could make a difference in your business. The following are some ways to use a great recipe to reach out to prospective homebuyers and sellers.

Adding a recipe to your postcard is a great way to say “welcome home” to clients who you have recently helped to purchase a new home. In the hustle and bustle of their move, they may have forgotten that you were there every step of the way to ensure the transaction was as smooth and fair as possible. When they get that recipe card in the mail, they could feel even more that you take time to make every deal personal. It’s a great housewarming idea, and when they put the card on the fridge, it will make a great conversation piece for when they have company over to show off the house. That’s a great marketing tool for your realty company.

If you have current or prospective clients who have not taken the plunge yet into home buying or selling, recipe postcards for realtors could help there too. Everyone loves a gift, and a recipe card is a simple one. You could include a phrase that says something like, “Our company is your perfect mortgage recipe” to tie in what you are trying to do. Every time they pull out the card to make the recipe, they’ll remember your business and will reconsider home buying or selling over and over again.

As a realtor, it’s imperative that you find creative ways to reach out to your clients. Recipe postcards for realtors are creative, fun and useful. If you’re ready to really make an impression, you may want to give a recipe postcard a try.

Think Outside the Box With Postcards

mortgage postcards 1
Being a realtor can bring a lot of joy to your life. There is nothing quite like the feeling of helping a young family find their dream home. While it is true that there are plenty of perks that come with working in the real estate industry, there are also many frustrations that you will encounter. Marketing, for example, can often be a huge pain in the neck to try to deal with. You can go the traditional route of using your face and information on bus advertisements, bench advertisements and similar surfaces, or, you can try something unique. Real estate postcard marketing is a fantastic way to think outside the box and make a lasting impression on those you are trying to connect with.

Instead of simply mailing out a postcard with your information on it, there is an added twist. Real estate postcard marketing allows your potential customers to be impressed before they realize that they are looking at an ad. This is due to the fact that each postcard is customized with unique and interesting information that is not directly associated with real estate. On one side of the postcard will be your name and contact information, and the other can have tantalizing recipes, exciting gardening tips, facts about wild animals and lots more. This additional information will limit the chances of your postcard going right in the trash. The longer the postcard lingers in a home, the more likely it is that you will get a call in regards to your services.

Real estate postcard marketing can be an exciting way for you to rethink the way you promote your business. There are many different options in regards to what you can showcase on your postcards, so be sure to take your time and look over all of the choices that await you. Maybe they aren’t ready to sell their current home or buy a new house this month, but if you’re consistent and send valuable information, when they need a realtor, you’re going to be at the top of their minds.

How Realtor Branded Postcards Can Boost Your Business


You’re always on the lookout for new clients and referrals, and you probably have a marketing plan in place for drawing people to you. Are you using realtor branded postcards as part of your plan? They have the potential to help you build relationships in your community and ultimately boost your business.

Postcards Are Personal
Email marketing campaigns have their place, and they’ve been proven as an effective marketing tool. They can get the word out about your services, and they can help you keep in touch with clients whom you’ve known for a while. The problem with email is that most people’s inboxes are overflowing with information and advertisements that they have no use for.

In the age of email, snail mail — postcards in particular —add a personal touch that can make you stand out as being more than just another realtor who is out to make a buck.

Postcards Offer Value
Realtor branded postcards should contain valuable content that the recipients will want to hold onto. The content could come in the form of home improvement tips, ideas for décor, seasonal recipes, or other useful information.

Imagine you send out a postcard with a delicious recipe on it. Someone who receives it puts in on their refrigerator. Even if that person doesn’t need your services as a realtor, all of that person’s friends who visit will see your name and be more likely to think of you when they’re thinking about buying or selling property.

Postcards Are Versatile
When you have a professional company design and customize your postcards, you can rest assured that your audience will receive beautiful cards that perfectly reflect your personality. Cards come in a range of different sizes and color schemes — you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Realtor branded postcards offer a unique opportunity to help you expand your business. They’re personable, valuable, and versatile. Why not give them a try? For more information regarding realtor branded postcards and other great real estate marketing products, please visit